A potentially hazardous asteroid is about to hit the planet. We have the laser to destroy the asteroid, but it must be shot from the peak of Destinarc which is not accessible by helicopter or plane. A team of mountain climbers must reach Destinarc before time runs out. They need to go through treacherous and rough terrains separated by deep crevasses. Each climber is responsible for securing 1 ladder and leaving 1 supply pack behind to aid their survival on the way back.


All of your Climbers, each with a laser part, must reach Destinarc within a limited number of moves.

Every Climber starts with 8 attached playing pieces and ends with 4.

On each turn, after turning over a Trekking card and as the team leader, the active player consults with other players, decides which Climber is in the best position to move, to secure a ladder, or to leave the supplies, then acts accordingly.

You must work together to plan and apply your approaches and moves. It’s always farther, taller, and harder than it looks.

Can your team save the planet?


Area Movement
Cooperative Game
Grid Movement
Modular Board
Resource to Move
Variable Set-up