As a seasoned traveler, you reap unforgettable experiences around the Continents. While you enjoy visiting places with spring-like weather, islands surrounded by turquoise water, and peaceful oases with the loveliest sunsets, you relish the experiences and connections with the people you meet throughout your journey that enhance your perspective and enrich your world.


To win, all you have to do is to collect a minimum of 3 Passport Stamps and the most Connection cards. You start with 1 Passport Stamp collected and the game ends when someone gets 4. Each Traveler who has at least 3 Passport Stamps then adds up the Connection cards they have. You may not be the one who got the most Passport Stamps, but you could still have made more connections and win!

On your turn, you roll a die and move the number of spaces rolled. When you land on the Passport Office, you can collect that Continent’s Passport Stamp, using the Capital and Connection cards collected along the way. Getting connections is as simple as landing on the space, then reading and voting on a statement. You get a connection when the majority agrees with you!

You will need money for expenses and to pay for Passport Stamps. Luckily, there are cards that can help you in numerous ways – by moving you across continents in one move, winning a lottery, and even getting free Passport Stamps! But watch out because they also can land you in jail or incur unexpected expenses.


Area Movement
Card Drafting
Dice Rolling
Grid Movement
Hand Management
Modular Board
Roll / Spin and Move
Variable Set-up

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