We are slowly approaching our golden years after Jack’s long career in entertainment and mine in IT project management, and together we’ve published a few books and created some art projects. After exploring painting for a while, we pondered painting boards for a game. So, we did. Then we digitalized each board, with the help from our illustrator. Below are a few examples:

We adopted the name TRAVELUS to mean “let’s travel together”. And along the way, many lovely people helped get us here. 

We’ve incorporated the principles of social and environmental sustainability into TRAVELUS from the beginning to promote and encourage environmentally conscious practices. Our desire to reduce material waste, storage, and transport volumes guides us in its making. In addition to the modular and reusable design concept, we’ve selected the components for their simplicity, versatility, and durability, kept box dimensions to a minimum, and eliminated one-time-use materials. We have designed TRAVELUS in such a way that future games can be added with minimal components: Each new game only requires its own rule sheets and additional cards (optional).

We have a few ideas for other games which we will continue to strive for quality and value while minimizing publishing costs and environmental impact. In the same spirit, we encourage and challenge players to create their own rules and/or games. These are small steps we take towards contributing our creations responsibly and we hope you will join our effort.