TRAVELUS is a board game design that lets 2 to 8 players play 8 different games which share a set of common components. Its modular design provides exceptional value and promotes sustainability practices by sharing a set of components among games.

In the box are various components and 9 double-sided boards, each with distinctive colorful designs, that offer a multitude of board arrangements for different games including these 8 selected games:

  1. TRAVELUS: Shape
  2. TRAVELUS: Excavate
  3. TRAVELUS: Launch
  4. TRAVELUS: Evacuate
  5. TRAVELUS: Connect
  6. TRAVELUS: Top
  7. TRAVELUS: Expose
  8. TRAVELUS: Describe

These games are unique; each with its own theme, rules, and mechanics. Each game uses a number of components. Multi-use cards are numbered and color-coded so that they can easily be added, removed, and shared. Although the components are the same, they have distinctive names and uses in each game. The boards, cards, playing pieces, and jewels have matching colors. These boards can be rotated and placed in different positions to create a myriad of configurations every time. They may even be added or removed during play. Additional boards can also be created in the future to expand the set.

We’ve adopted the name TRAVELUS to mean “let’s travel together”. We built the type of games we like to play – games that are easy to set up, simple to learn and to teach, and can be played in under an hour or two. We like them to have a bit of both strategy and luck. We want games that give players meaningful choices and fair chances to win. We enjoy both co-operative and competitive games at different times, and we like to play them with various group sizes. We love stories with colorful and adorable designs that make us smile and spark our imagination. And ultimately, we want to make games that are flexible, affordable, and kind to the environment.

We’ve incorporated the principles of social and environmental sustainability into TRAVELUS from the beginning to promote and encourage environmentally conscious practices. Our desire to reduce material waste, storage, and transport volumes guides us in its making. In addition to the modular and reusable design concept, we’ve selected the components for their simplicity, versatility, and durability, kept box dimensions to a minimum, and eliminated one-time-use materials. We will be working with a manufacturer who uses the most recyclable components. We have designed TRAVELUS in such a way that future games can be added with minimal components: Each new game only requires its own rule sheets and additional cards (optional).

We have a few ideas for other games which we will continue to strive for quality and value while minimizing publishing costs and environmental impact. In the same spirit, we encourage and challenge players to create their own rules and/or games. These are small steps we take towards contributing our creations responsibly and we hope you will join our effort.