Scientists have made an incredible discovery – a giant deposit of a new vital precious metal in the center of Destinarc. One ounce of this material can power a huge city for decades. The discovery is lying close enough to the surface to be mined, but too far down to be found using current exploration methods (so it takes a squad of 8 different types of mining and metal experts to work together.) To win a contract to mine, you are expected to lead your squad through this expedition and be the first to arrive at the mine.


Your mission is to find the fastest and safest way to get your 8 members from 8 Domains to the mine.

Each member starts their journey alone. On your turn, you roll a die and move one of your members the same number of spaces. You can get closer and quicker by going through tunnels. But wait! Competing squads may be there blocking your way forward. And if they land on you, they can send you back to where you started!

Mercifully, there are power drills that can help you, but getting them is not an easy task. Prospect cards may help but they may also hinder so you are taking a chance each time you pick one up.

Good luck!


Area Movement
Dice Rolling
Grid Movement
Modular Board
Pick-up and Deliver
Point to Point Movement
Roll / Spin and Move
Variable Set-up

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