At the beginning, animals are peacefully roaming around their nine sanctuaries. Now, a disaster threatens to destroy eight of them. The animals have a limited time to evacuate before each sanctuary is destroyed. Destinarc is the only safe place and they must evacuate there to escape the danger and help save other animals – their kind or all kinds.


You can play this game in two modes: competitive and co-operative. In competitive mode, players play for themselves and the winner is the player who saves the most animals of one type. In co-operative mode, everyone works together and wins when all animals are safely evacuated.

On your turn, you roll a die and move one of the animals the same number of spaces or to an unoccupied stone with the same number. Every two turns or so, a Warning card is pulled to show which board will disappear. You must move the animals off that board quickly before the board is removed along with everything on it. Be careful! The board you just landed on may go next! Or there may be no escape route left!

In those dire situations, there is always hope when the animals work together to save one another.


Area Movement
Cooperative Game
Dice Rolling
Grid Movement
Map Reduction
Modular Board
Physical Removal
Pick-up and Deliver
Roll / Spin and Move
Variable Set-up

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