As a travel journalist, you explore, study, and write about different places and cultures. You get to travel around the Continents and to describe the world with your own unique style. From covering travel destinations and accommodations to celebrations and festivals, your adventures always start and end with words.


Your goal is to score the highest points for a collection of words.

On your turn, you roll a die and move the same number of spaces to make your way to different destinations and collect letters from Source and Interview cards to form words. But your words don’t count unless you submit them to an Editorial Office for publication and unused letters take points away.

Stories are everywhere and you are always on the go: Meeting a source at the park, networking at the hotel, sharing leads with a colleague, all while juggling other life commitments. Your assignments can be exciting and you are often left to your own devices to deal with challenges wherever you are.

Combining your ability to navigate unfamiliar places with your aptitude to express, will you be the most prolific Journalist?


Area Movement
Card Drafting
Dice Rolling
Grid Movement
Hand Management
Modular Board
Roll / Spin and Move
Set Collection
Variable Set-up

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